Virtually Policy #3: Virtual Currencies & Roach Motels

This episode of Virtually Policy is part one of a two-part interview with virtual currency expert Jon Matonis. Jon is editor of The Monetary Future, an economics blog that examines the intersection of free banking, cryptography, and digital currency. His work on digital cash has been published by Dow Jones and the London School of Economics, and he was previously CEO of Hushmail and Chief Forex Trader at VISA. Currently Jon is a board advisor to startups in Bitcoin, gaming, prepaid and mobile payment systems.

In this part of the interview we focus on the nature of currency and characteristics of virtual currencies, including Facebook Credits, Warcraft Gold and Linden Dollars.

Next week, in the second half of the interview Jon focuses on Bitcoin – what it is, how it works and how it relates to human rights.

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Podcast music: “For the Horde” kindly provided by 100 Robots.

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