Virtual Protest timeline

In-world protest have long been a feature of virtual worlds. What follows is a timeline of the most significant protests that have occurred in virtual worlds.

1992 December: LambdaMOO: LTAND

1996 February: WorldsAway ‘No turfs, no peace’

1997 September: Ultima Online (Beta)

1997 November: Ultima Online

1999 EverQuest: Weekend Warrior Walkout & Sit in

2003 November: EverQuest: ‘Warrior Stand Down’

2004 October: Blog (FFXI) ‘Steal the Gil’

2005 January: World of Warcraft: Argent Dawn (US) Warrior protest

2005 April: Final Fantasy XI ‘Fight Against Gillselling’

2006 World of Warcraft: GLBT protest

2007 January: RuneScape (and forums) ‘Rule Seven Protest’

2007 February: RuneScape ’14 Hour Riot’

2007 July: Fantasy Westward Journey ‘The alliance to resist Japan’ protest

2007 November: RuneScape ‘Pest Control Riot’

2007 November: RuneScape ‘Duel Arena Riot’

2007 December: RuneScape ‘ Pay to PK Riot’

2007 December: RuneScape ‘Mod Hasmo Riot’

2008 January: RuneScape ‘Unbalanced Trade Riot’

2008 June: RuneScape ‘Wilderness Riot’

2009 April RuneScape ‘PvP Glitch Riot’

2009 May: RuneScape ‘Bounty Hunter Riot’

2009 July: RuneScape ‘Protect Item Riot’

2010 March: RuneScape’ HP Riot’

2010 April: RuneScape ‘Dungeoneering Rollback Riot’

2010 April: RuneScape (Forums) ‘ Forum Changes Protest’

2010 June: RuneScape ‘Rock Climbing Boots Riot’

2010 December: RuneScape ‘Wilderness and Free Trade Vote Riot’

2011 March: RuneScape ‘Ring of Wealth / Sigil Glitch Riot’

2011 June:: EvE Online Jita protest

2011 ? RuneScape ‘Capes of Distinction Riot’

2011 June: RuneScape (forums) ‘Rants Removal Protest’

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