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SCT #9 Federal Consortium For Virtual Worlds 2012

SCT #9 Federal Consortium For Virtual Worlds 2012

In Episode 9 of Social Change Technology Ren Reynolds talks to Paulette Robinson phd from the US National Defense University’s iCollege about this years’ Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds conference. It will be be held in Washington DC from 16th – 18th of May 2012, and over the internet via live streams and virtual world based [...]

Timeline: Key cases & statutes

The cases and statues have been key to shaping our curent understanding of virtual worlds, computer games and social media can be summarised as follows:
1982 Atari v. North American Philips Consumer Elecs., 672 F.2d 607. (infringement)
1982 Williams Electronics v. Artic International, 685 F.2d 870 (3d Cir. 1982) (play as co-authorship)
1983 Apple v. Franklin, 714 F.2d 1240 (3d [...]

Virtual Protest timeline

In-world protest have long been a feature of virtual worlds. What follows is a timeline of the most significant protests that have occurred in virtual worlds.
1992 December: LambdaMOO: LTAND
1996 February: WorldsAway ‘No turfs, no peace’
1997 September: Ultima Online (Beta)
1997 November: Ultima Online
1999 EverQuest: Weekend Warrior Walkout & Sit in
2003 November: EverQuest: ‘Warrior Stand Down’
2004 October: Blog (FFXI) ‘Steal the Gil’
2005 January: [...]

A Virtual Worlds Primer

This section of the Virtual Worlds Primer provides an overview  – what virtual worlds are, what they are used for and who uses them.

Virtual Policy ‘08: Virtual Worlds – Overview

Event: Virtual Policy ‘08
Session: Virtual Worlds – Overview
22 July 2008 10:15 – 12:00