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Virtual Protest timeline

In-world protest have long been a feature of virtual worlds. What follows is a timeline of the most significant protests that have occurred in virtual worlds.
1992 December: LambdaMOO: LTAND
1996 February: WorldsAway ‘No turfs, no peace’
1997 September: Ultima Online (Beta)
1997 November: Ultima Online
1999 EverQuest: Weekend Warrior Walkout & Sit in
2003 November: EverQuest: ‘Warrior Stand Down’
2004 October: Blog (FFXI) ‘Steal the Gil’
2005 January: [...]

Virtually Policy #1: Dutch Supreme Court on Virtual Theft

Virtually Policy #1: Dutch Supreme Court on Virtual Theft

In the first Virtually Policy podcast, Arno Lodder, professor of internet governance and regulation at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam talks to Ren Reynolds about the Dutch RuneScape trial.
This case, which made it to the Dutch Supreme Court, centred on the issue of whether or not virtual items can be stolen. The Court concluded that they could, and two [...]

White Paper: Virtual Items and Public Policy

7 February 2011. Today the Virtual Policy Network has released a White Paper on Virtual Items and Public Policy. The Paper provides an overview of virtual items and virtual currency are – covering the spectrum from Xbox points to MMO characters. The paper defines what the key public policy interests are in virtual items, and [...]

Economics, Research and Virtual Worlds

One area of interest in virtual worlds is the study of their economies. Such studies tend to have two approaches: study of virtual economies for their own sake, and study of virtual economies as a method for illuminating external / hard currency economies.
This is a short guide to resources for those interested in either aspect [...]