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A Virtual Worlds Primer

This section of the Virtual Worlds Primer provides an overview  – what virtual worlds are, what they are used for and who uses them.

Primer: What types of virtual world are there?

For clarity and the sake of comparison, our Primer splits virtual worlds into three types: game, social and tools. This section looks in detail at each of these types of virtual world.


Richard Bartle
Richard is Visiting Professor of Computer Game Design in the Department of Computing and Electronic Systems, University of Essex. Richard co-wrote the first virtual world, MUD, in 1978; he has thus been at the forefront of the industry from its very inception. He divides his time equally between being an industry consultant and an [...]

DISE:08: Virtual Worlds, Games, Industry & Education

Event: DISE:08
Session: Virtual Worlds, Games, Industry & Education
12 August  2008


the Virtual Policy Network is in festival mood. Our next event is the Digital Interactive Symposium: Edinburgh (DIS:E) – a half day event organized in conjunction with The University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Interactive Festival.
This year’s DIS:E will focus on education and training for the games and virtual world industries.
See events for more information.

Virtual Policy ‘08: Richard Bartle

Event: Virtual Policy ‘08
Session: Richard Bartle
22 July 2008 17:00 – 17:30 Conference Key Note