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A Virtual Worlds Primer

This section of the Virtual Worlds Primer provides an overview  – what virtual worlds are, what they are used for and who uses them.


Ren Reynolds
Ren is the founder of the Virtual Policy Network.
Academically Ren writes about the philosophy / ethics of technology, computer games and virtual worlds. His work has included exploring the philosophical basis of property, governance, identity and rights in online spaces as well as the moral basis of virtual acts. He also writes on the [...]


16th January 2009, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK: Ren Reynolds lead a conference discussion at ‘Maximising the effectiveness of virtual worlds in teaching and learning‘ exploring the policy road blocks to the greater adoption of virtual technology in education.
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Player Governance & EvE

7th November 2008, Reykjavík, Iceland: tVPN’s Ren Reynolds was invited by CCP, creators of EvE Online, to act as the neutral moderator at the pubic meeting / Q&A session of the EvE Council of Stellar Management (CSM). The CSM is the largest experiments in ‘player democracy’ in a current MMO.
The video of the session can [...]

More Fun, More Risk?

17th October 2008, Berlin, Germany: Ren Reynolds was invited by the Hans-Bredow-Institut to give the closing address at ‘More Fun, More Risk? Digital Games as a Challenge for the Protection of Minors‘ a conference of European content regulators and academics.
Ren discussed the contingent nature of the conceptual frames that are used in regulation and [...]

DISE:08: Virtual Worlds, Games, Industry & Education

Event: DISE:08
Session: Virtual Worlds, Games, Industry & Education
12 August  2008