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Online Games impacted by Canadian ISP

In September 2011 CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) reported that Canadian ISP Rogers had used traffic prioritisation (i.e. breaking Net Neutrality) which negatively impacted online computer games.
CBC reports that CRTC (the Canadian Telecoms Regulator) too action after a complaints from the Canadian Gamers Organization. Rogers recognised that the problem impacted World of Warcraft and it is suspect that many other [...]

Policy bites: Net Neutrality

Network Neutrality
What is it?
Net Neutrality (NN) is the debate over whether the internet should operate pretty much as it does at the moment or whether ISPs should be able to block or charge differently based on the application that a user is using, or alternatively give preferential treatment to a company [...]

Net Neutrality consultations: EU and UK

A number of bodies around the world are conducting various forms of action in respect of so-called Network Neutrality. While the United States’ FCC (Federal Communications Commission) public consultation phase (see FCC News Release) has just closed the EU and UK are currently in consultation phases that end in September 2010.
the Virtual Policy Network encourages [...]