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Policy bites: Net Neutrality

Network Neutrality
What is it?
Net Neutrality (NN) is the debate over whether the internet should operate pretty much as it does at the moment or whether ISPs should be able to block or charge differently based on the application that a user is using, or alternatively give preferential treatment to a company [...]

White Paper: Virtual Items and Public Policy

7 February 2011. Today the Virtual Policy Network has released a White Paper on Virtual Items and Public Policy. The Paper provides an overview of virtual items and virtual currency are – covering the spectrum from Xbox points to MMO characters. The paper defines what the key public policy interests are in virtual items, and [...]

OECD Virtual Worlds Study – Proposed ToC

The OECD may produce a report on virtual worlds. You are invited to comment on the proposed scope of this report.

Virtual Policy ‘08: Virtual Worlds – Real Regulation

Event: Virtual Policy ‘08
Session: Virtual Worlds – Real Regulation
22 July 2008 13:15 – 14:00 Conference Key Note

Virtual Policy ‘08: Richard Bartle

Event: Virtual Policy ‘08
Session: Richard Bartle
22 July 2008 17:00 – 17:30 Conference Key Note

Virtual Policy ‘08: Policy Issues & Virtual Worlds – An Overview

Event: Virtual Policy ‘08
Session: Policy Issues & Virtual Worlds: An Overview
23 July 2008 09:30 – 10:15