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Virtually Policy #3: Virtual Currencies & Roach Motels

Virtually Policy #3: Virtual Currencies & Roach Motels

This episode of Virtually Policy is part one of a two-part interview with virtual currency expert Jon Matonis. Jon is editor of The Monetary Future, an economics blog that examines the intersection of free banking, cryptography, and digital currency. His work on digital cash has been published by Dow Jones and the London School of [...]

Primer: Virtual World User Business Models

Some virtual worlds attract users by connecting virtual goods to real-world currencies and providing users with ways to make money using the virtual world as a platform. Other users don’t wait for this system to be enabled in a virtual world, and use ebay or other user-to-user sales sites to monetize virtual goods. This section of tVPN’s Virtual World Primer provides an overview of these user business models.