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DotGovLabs: Games & Government Workshops

DotGovLabs is an R&D project co-funded by Directgov, NHS Choices and Business Link have commissioned tVPN to run a series of workshops. The aims of the workshop are to gather feedback on how the UK Government should (and should not) use games to interact with citizens, businesses and other stakeholder groups.
The feedback from the workshop [...]

tVPN supports UK’s DotGovLabs R&D project

tVPN is supporting the UK’s DotGovLabs with it’s engagement with academics and the games industry as part of the ‘Games’ R&D project.
DotGovLabs is “is a shared R&D programme backed by Directgov, (including the RDA face-to-face arm of Businesslink) and NHS Choices. DotGovLabs looks to identify, explore and test areas of innovation to determine what [...]