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SCT #11: Legal News Round up with Jas Purewal

SCT #11: Legal News Round up with Jas Purewal

This episode of Social Change Technology is a games and tech legal news roundup with solicitor Jas Purewal from law firm Osborne Clark. Jas is better known on the internet as @GamerLaw on twitter and editor of the Gamer Law web site.
In the show we look at three items of recent news: the Infinity Ward [...]

A Virtual Worlds Primer

This section of the Virtual Worlds Primer provides an overview  – what virtual worlds are, what they are used for and who uses them.

Primer: Publisher’s Business Models

Revenues of virtual world publishers range from the negative, for hobbyist worlds, to the hundreds of millions of USD per annum. For example Korea’s Nexon reported  2005 revenues of $230 million (primarily generated from micro-transactions). This section of tVPN’s Virtual World Primer gives an overview of the various business model approaches publishers use.

Primer: Virtual World User Business Models

Some virtual worlds attract users by connecting virtual goods to real-world currencies and providing users with ways to make money using the virtual world as a platform. Other users don’t wait for this system to be enabled in a virtual world, and use ebay or other user-to-user sales sites to monetize virtual goods. This section of tVPN’s Virtual World Primer provides an overview of these user business models.