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Primer: What types of virtual world are there?

For clarity and the sake of comparison, our Primer splits virtual worlds into three types: game, social and tools. This section looks in detail at each of these types of virtual world.

Primer: Virtual World User Business Models

Some virtual worlds attract users by connecting virtual goods to real-world currencies and providing users with ways to make money using the virtual world as a platform. Other users don’t wait for this system to be enabled in a virtual world, and use ebay or other user-to-user sales sites to monetize virtual goods. This section of tVPN’s Virtual World Primer provides an overview of these user business models.

Primer: Statistics: Lies, Damn Lies & Registered Users

There are no broadly agreed upon metrics for virtual world use. Nor are there any recognized independent bodies that audit figures as is common in industries such as publishing. What’s more, the range of business models (other posts in this Primer go into detail about these business models) used by virtual worlds means it is [...]

Primer: What The Future Holds

This Primer can’t encompass every bit of wild speculation about the future of virtual worlds, but we’ll lay out the trends that have moment.
One thing about the future of virtual worlds seems certain: The number of people using virtual worlds will continue expanding. Today we see that as one virtual world closes, another seems to [...]