OECD Virtual Worlds Study – Proposed ToC

The OECD may produce a report on virtual worlds. You are invited to comment on the proposed scope of this report.


The OECD’s Seoul Declaration for the Future of the Internet Economy, states:

WE INVITE the OECD to further the objectives set out in this Declaration, through multi-stakeholder co-operation, by:
Analysing the future development of the Internet Economy, namely: i) the important role and contribution of the Internet and related ICTs as a driver of innovation, productivity and economic growth; ii) the economic, social and cultural impacts of emerging Internet technologies, applications and services, including virtual worlds, sensor-based networks and social networking platforms.

Following this the OECD ICCP in conjunction with the UK Government held a workshop co-organized by tVPN: http://www.virtualpolicy.net/berr-oecd-2009.html. Summarizing the meeting, Mr. Richard Simpson (Chair of the ICCP)

“noted that virtual worlds were boundaryless. This was an important issue, since it made virtual worlds an ideal subject for the OECD to study, with its role of policy co-ordination and harmonization.  Hence the OECD should apply to the topic of virtual worlds the principles and the pioneering role it has had in the past.”
OECD Summary of the Meeting

Proposed Scope

In response to this the UK Government will propose (on 17/18 June 2009) that the OECD create a report on Virtual Worlds covering the following topic areas:

  1. Overview
  2. Virtual Worlds in Business
  3. Virtual Worlds in Education
  4. Barriers to development
  5. Policy Framework
  6. Virtual Worlds & Government
  7. Virtual Worlds and Civil Society
  8. Social Issues
  9. Case studies

tVPN welcoms comments and discussion of the proposed report scope either through comments on this page or through email to info@virtualpolicy.net.

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