Dr Eyjólfur Guðmundsson

Eyjó is the Lead Economist, CCP / EvE Online. Eyjó was hired in the spring of 2007 to meet the ever-increasing demand for economic information from the EVE Online community. His responsibilities are to provide community members with accurate information on economic indicators as well as in-depth analysis of interesting events in the EVE Online economy. He is also responsible for cooperation with academic and research institutes and in assisting future development of the economic/business environment within EVE Online. Prior to joining CCP, Eyjó was Dean of the Faculty of Business and Science at the University of Akureyri in Iceland, which he joined in 2000 after his studies in the United States. Dr. Guðmundsson has a PhD. in Environmental and Resource Economics from the University of Rhode Island and a B.Sc. in Economics from University of Iceland.


Ian Huges

Ian Hughes a.k.a. epredator is an IBM Consulting IT Specialist who has worked on leading edge emerging technologies for the past 18 years, a programmer since he was 14. As a gamer he has seen a massive increase in the capability and design ethics within games and the rise of online gaming. In 1997 Ian started working on all things web, changing his perspective on the technology and the business due the much richer mix of people involved in the web revolution. Graphic Designer, Producers and Programmers all having to work together. He received the first industry award for Innovation in Virtual Worlds in the Enterprise.

At work he has seen and been part of the Web 2.0 revolution has a top rated blog inside IBM and jointly writes http://www.eightbar.com outside. As a digital native his epredator persona spans many places, blogs, Eve Online, WoW, Xbox Live, Twitter, Flickr etc.. He is officially an IBM Metaverse Evangelist having led in band of colleagues into Second Life (as epredator potato) and other virtual worlds for the past 2.5 years with a view to understanding what the social, business and technical implications are of virtual world technology. When this people powered approach is used with a web 2.0 mentality what happens? What makes this work now? How can business benefit behind the corporate firewall from a new set of ways for employees to communicate in a richer way. How can business become involved without killing the spirit? Who are we online? Where are these new metaverse platforms going?


Leigh Jackson

Leigh is, Deputy Director (Business Engagement), Communications & Content Industries Unit, BERR (Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform). Leigh Jackson leads the Business Engagement Team in the Communications & Content Industries Unit of BERR (Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform). She and her team champion the policy and regulatory interests of the digital communications and content sectors, both at a national and European level.  They work with more than 100 of the leading telecoms and communication equipment suppliers, mobile network operators, ISPs, media companies and computer games companies.  Leigh also currently leads on policy development for virtual worlds at BERR.  Prior to her work for government, she worked for the BBC.


Nick Jones

Nick is Director of Interactive Services at COI Communications, part of the UK Government Cabinate Office.

Nick Jones’ career spans both the public and private sector. In 1994, he co-founded New Media Age, pioneering its coverage of the impact digital technologies were having on the marketing and media sectors. He subsequently launched New Media Finance, a sister title, covering business models and venture capital in the sector. In 1997, he co-founded the European operation of Jupiter Research – a US analyst firm covering online advertising, content, marketing and commerce. His responsibilities included building Internet adoption and e-commerce models for European markets. He also worked closely with clients to inform their strategies for dealing with the impact of digital technologies upon their businesses. In 2002, Nick joined the Cabinet Office where he contributed to innovation in the e-government field, around the use of intermediaries, service design and customer insight. In 2006, he was seconded to the Government of Bermuda to run their Department of E-Government, mentor the director-designate and lead their business process management and customer satisfaction initiatives.


Dr Andreas Lober

Dr. Andreas Lober is a partner at the Frankfurt-based law-firm SchulteRiesenkampff. His main areas of practice are legal questions of computer games, virtual worlds, and the Internet, with a particular focus on the implementation of new business models. He currently works for several developers of virtual worlds and online games, as well as some of the world’s leading publishers of computer games. Together with his colleagues, he has been advising clients of all sizes for years, in every stage of their business: from MBA or seed financing, EULAs and contracts to litigation, intellectual property, unfair competition and merger control. His book Virtuelle Welten werden real has recently been published by Telepolis. He is a lawyer qualified in Germany, but also holds a French degree and a doctor’s degree from Tübingen University. He wrote his thesis on youth protection in computer games.

A gaming enthusiast since the early days of home computers, Dr. Andreas Lober has done work in the gaming space since 1991. During his studies, he has worked for various gaming companies, and managed Germany’s first commercial gaming website.


Paul Massey

A solicitor practicing intellectual property law at international law firm K&L Gates LLP. Paul’s work focuses upon the law surrounding the internet and telecommunications. He advises on issues including internet regulation; website development; blogging and social networking policies; child protection; copyright; data protection; privacy; software agreements; general commercial contracts and dispute resolution. Paul is an active member of emint, the association of online community professionals. He lectures for NMK/Westminster University regarding the legal issues around web 2.0 and has been consulted by London Southbank University regarding Social Technologies. Paul has first hand experience of producing and publishing his own user generated content online as a digital filmmaker. He enhanced his passion for the internet and its future through developing his own website to host his films.


Jessica Mulligan

Jessica is COO of ImaginVenture SA. Jessica Mulligan is an online game professional with over twenty years of industry experience at all levels of management. Currently Chief Operating Officer of ImaginVenture, a virtual world start-up in Lugano, Switzerland, she was recently a consultant to Sunflowers GmbH of Germany and the Board of Directors for Nevrax and Executive Producer of Saga of Ryzom for Nevrax – Paris. Her past positions include Executive Producer and Creative Director at Turbine Entertainment Software on the Asheron’s Call franchise, the Director handling in-game events and story in Ultima Online for Electronic Arts, Director of Operations for MM3D Inc on the Middle Earth Online game and positions with AOL, National Videotex and Interplay Productions, among others, in various executive and management roles.

A respected author and commentator on online games, Jessica is the co-author of “Developing Online Games: An Insider’s Guide” with Bridgette Patrovsky, which has been published worldwide in several languages, including Chinese and Korean. She was also the author of the influential bi-weekly industry opinion column, Biting the Hand (www.skotos.net/articles), between 1997 and 2003. Jessica serves on the Board of Advisors for the Austin Game Developers Conference, The Virtual Worlds Forum and for the Virtual Policy Network (tVPN).


Annie Mullins

Annie Mullins is Vodafone’s Global Head of Content Standards. Responsible for protecting users, but with particular emphasis on young users in accessing new content services through mobile. She has been a member of the UK Home Office Child Protection and the Internet Task Force for the past 5 years and is currently chairing the Home Office Social Networking Good Practice Guidance Project Group.

Annie has previously chaired Project Groups for Chat, Instant Messaging Service, World Wide Web, Moderation of Interactive Services. Annie is former Head of Social Issues for Yahoo! UK managing social issues, as well as representative on IWF Funding Council. She contributed to IWF governance review and formulation of new policies, particularly staff care and management of exposure to harmful material. She is former policy manager for NCH (children’s charity) responsible for a range of child protection and welfare issues, including child sexual abuse, children and domestic violence, children in care, rural poverty and internet safety. A qualified social worker with over 20 years expertise in child protection and child welfare in statutory services, training, education and social research.


Paul McDonaugh-Smith

Paul is Director of Nortel Learning Applications.


David Naylor

David is a partner in the Technology Law Group at Field Fisher Waterhouse. He focuses on working with new media, internet, technology, communications and IP-focused businesses and investors. He advises clients at every stage of development, from entrepreneurial new ventures to some of the world’s best-known multinationals. David led the project to make his firm the world’s first major law firm with offices in Second Life, and he is currently advising several clients on a range of virtual worlds legal projects and matters. He also recently gave the first ever professionally accredited law seminar in the virtual environment. He is the co-author of the chapter on Mass Market Online and Technology Contracting in the 6th Edition of OUP’s Computer Law text book, the founder of the Communications Group, a technology, media and communications networking forum, and on the editorial board of silicon.com. He is acknowledged as a leading lawyer in publications including Legal 500, PLC’s “Which Lawyer?” and “Who’s Who Legal”, and has an MBA from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine.